Periodontist Tennessee: What type of floss is the most effective?

September 30th, 2015

Confused about the different varieties of floss available? Let’s do a comparison:

Nylon filament floss: This is the most common type of floss and is widely used. It is made of multiple strands of nylon filament, and some have found issue with this type of floss due to fraying. However, used correctly it is very effective. Those with wider gaps between their teeth may prefer this slightly thicker floss.periodontist Tennessee types of floss

“Glide” floss: These flosses are made with a monofilament (single strand) of rubber or plastic. They are not as likely to have fraying issues and they are slightly thinner than nylon filament floss. Those with tightly spaced teeth may prefer this floss because it is easier to get between teeth.

Un-waxed Vs Waxed: This is only a question if you are using the nylon floss (monofilament floss is slippery enough to not need wax) but it’s purely a matter of preference. Again, those with closely spaced teeth may be more comfortable using a waxed floss because it is easier to get between the teeth.

Water “flossing”: While called by the same name, it’s not the same process and the benefits differ. Flossing with nylon or monofilament floss has the ability to wipe and scrape the plaque off of your teeth. Water flossing does not have that ability, but it can help by washing away plaque that has been loosened. It can also reach difficult places that floss cannot.

When it comes to your oral health, remember that cleaning your mouth for only a few minutes a day can make a huge difference. Flossing can be correctly done in under a minute If you have struggled to form consistent flossing habits, consider changing they type of floss you are using, or try using a water flossing device. There is no noticeable difference between the nylon or rubber flosses. Buy whatever you are most comfortable using, and remember that spending a few minutes a day can prevent incredibly painful and costly oral disease and damage down the road.

If you have any specific risk factors, history of gum disease, or if you are currently battling with weak gums, our periodontist Tennessee team at Carter Periodontics and Implant Dentistry is here to help. Come in for an initial consultation and get the expertise you need to get and keep your mouth healthy.