Top 10 Things to Know About Gum Grafting

October 8th, 2012

If a dentist Clarksville TN that residents respect has told you that you need a gum graft, you probably have a few questions. Here are some of the most common:

1. What Is Gum Grafting?

It might sound ominous, but gum grafting is actually a simple procedure that involves repositioning the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth.

2. Why Is Gum Grafting Necessary?

Between 4 and 12 percent of the adult population suffers from gum disease that, if left unchecked, can result in recession of the gum tissue. When this has progressed to a sufficient degree, the exposed roots can become sensitive to heat and cold. They can also look unsightly.

3. What Happens During a Gum Graft?

What happens will vary depending on the situation. There are three types of procedure: the connective tissue graft, the free gingival graft and the pedicle graft.

4. What Is a Connective Tissue Graft?

During a connective tissue graft, the periodontist will remove tissue from beneath a flap on the roof of the mouth and stitch it to the section of gum surrounding the exposed root.

5. What Is a Free Gingival Graft?

In a free gingival graft, the periodontist removes tissue directly from the roof of the mouth without first making a flap. This procedure is preferred for patients whose gums are thinner than normal.

6. What Is a Pedicle Graft?

If sufficient gum tissue is present, the periodontist will cut a flap, or pedicle, from the gum near the affected area, pull it down over the exposed root and stitch it into place.

7. How Long Will Recovery Take?

Complete recovery should take a week or two. During this time, eating soft foods can help.

8. How Much Will It Cost?

That depends on who performs the surgery. Many insurance companies will cover at least part of the cost.

9. How Long Will It Last?

If you take care of your teeth, you can prevent the return of the gum disease that necessitated the surgery in the first place.

10. Where Should I Have It Done?

It’s important to choose a periodontist Tennessee residents know and trust. When it comes to gum grafting, you can count on Carter Periodontics and Implant Dentistry to do it right. Contact our dentist Clarksville TN at the office today to discuss your available options.