Clarksville TN Dentist | Bone Grafting FAQ’s

July 17th, 2015

What is dental bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a process in which bone is taken from one part of your body and placed in another, where it will grow naturally and strengthen the weak area. If your jaw requires a bone graft, the bone may be taken from another part of your jaw or from another source, like your hip. It may take six months for the graft to sufficiently grow and integrate with the existing bone.

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When would I need a bone graft?

If you require a replacement for one or more lost teeth, your oral surgeon will inspect the health of the surrounding jaw to determine whether it is strong enough and healthy enough to accept an implant. Bone grafting is only done when there is prior damage to the bone or poor quality of bone in the implant area. A dental implant cannot be placed into your jaw if your jawbone is too soft, too thin, or has been damaged. Teeth undergo enormous pressures during chewing, and therefore your oral surgeon must ensure that the implant is placed in a bone that is strong enough to withstand these pressures.

Will my body reject the graft?

The graft will generally be done with your own transplanted bone, minimizing the risk of rejection. In the rare circumstance that it is necessary to use donor bone, the risk will be higher. In either case, your oral surgeon will provide you with the medications you need to reduce risks of side effects, infections, or rejections.

Does this mean my new tooth will be made of my own bone?

No. The material for your crown will depend on whether you choose to have a fixed or removable dental implant prosthesis. The replacement tooth will be an artificial material made to the correct shape, size, and look of a real tooth. It will either be attached to your jaw by cementing it to the metal posts that are drilled into the jawbone, or it will be a snap-on model that securely connects with the metal posts. Bone that is collected for your graft will be used to strengthen the jawbone and not to create the implant.


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