Gum Disease and Missing Teeth Could Raise Women’s Risk for Breast Cancer?

June 12th, 2013

Gum disease and tooth loss have been proven to cause breast cancer in many cases. Swedish researchers have studied the connection between periodontal disease and cancer, finding that women who had gum disease and missing teeth were more likely to develop breast cancer.

In most cases, gum disease begins with the appearance of gingivitis. This condition has the ability to quickly progress and become much worse if the patient does not seek treatment immediately. Advanced gum disease brings with it a high probability of tooth loss and decay. The gum disease combined with missing molars seems to be the major factors in the connection between breast cancer and periodontal disease. While the exact reason for this connection is not quite clear, the evidence is alarming.

The Swedish study that brought this connection to light randomly selected over 3200 people between the ages of 30 and 40. About half of the people in this experiment group were given an oral exam. The other half was not given an oral exam. In the group that received an oral exam, it was discovered that breast cancer was found in 1.75 percent of subjects who had gum disease and tooth loss. None of the subjects who had periodontal disease with no tooth loss had breast cancer. In the group that did not receive an oral exam, 5.5 percent of subjects who had gum disease and molar loss had breast cancer. Only 0.5 percent of subjects who had gum disease with no molar loss had breast cancer.

Dental experts recommend that you stay on the lookout for signs of gum disease, such as gums that bleed while you are brushing your teeth. Normal, healthy gums do not bleed when being brushed. If you experience bleeding gums, you should set up an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to discuss ways to stop or reverse gum disease.

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