Know Your Teeth!

April 17th, 2013

Dentist in Clarksville TN

One thing people should know about their teeth is that no, they’re not supposed to fall out when they get older. Teeth that are taken care of and are checked at least once a year by a dentist in Clarksville TN and should last the entirety of the person’s life. Indeed, as the enamel on a person’s tooth is the hardest substance in the body, teeth should last beyond a person’s life.

Though problems with the teeth aren’t inevitable, most people do run into difficulty with their teeth or gums or both. This might because of diet or genetics or medical conditions. Fortunately, Carter Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, the premier dentist in Clarksville TN has years of experience in treating the dental needs of their patients both old and new.

Periodontics, one of Carter’s specialties, deals with diseases of the gums. The problem with gum disease is that most people don’t pay attention to it until it gets very bad. Even a bit of blood that appears after brushing or flossing can be the beginning of gingivitis which is the early sage of periodontal disease. Our dentist in Clarksville TN can treat gingivitis before it becomes severe and can even treat more advanced gum disease.

The other specialty in their title is implant dentistry. In implant dentistry, a missing tooth is replaced with a permanent crown. The dentist implants a post into the place where the old tooth was. The jaw fuses around the post then an abutment is placed on top of the post to hold the crown. Dental implants Tennessee are far more life-like than temporary crowns and can last, like real teeth, past the life of the patient. The dentist measures and X-rays the patient’s mouth to make sure that the crown is made to match the other teeth as exactly as possible. This means the color, the size, and the cusps of the tooth are so much like the patient’s old tooth that laypeople won’t be able to figure out that it’s a prosthetic.

Residents of Clarksville and environs who are in need of a periodontal or implant dentist shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with Carter Periodontics & Implant Dentistry. Contact our office today to discuss your dental health.